Why have BRCI administer your grant?

One Stop Shopping.   BRCI is Fast, Efficient, and Flexible.

Size Counts.  Staff is easily accessible to address questions and approve expenditures quickly.  Checks can be issued as needed.

Flexibility with funds.  BRCI offers flexibility in how your funds are used.  You and the sponsor decide. Travel is allowed with sponsor permission.

Lower overhead.  BRCI offers competitive indirect costs.  Outside hospital and university sites charge higher rates.

Ease of Employment.  BRCI offers an easy and straightforward process of hiring full or part-time employee(s) for projects.  You can quickly hire the employee you need for your project. Employees through BRCI are offered a competitive benefits package.  We provide assistance in navigating the VA appointment process.

Help with the Grant Writing Process.  BRCI offers development and refining project expertise. This includes direct purchasing, employment, accounting, non-technical report preparation. BRCI also will work with you to complete the legal requirements of the Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA), and assist with writing the grant application and other requirement documents.  In addition, we can work with you to present your draft project to the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and help address issues raised by IRB and strengthen proposal towards approval.

Finding the Right Sponsor.  BRCI offers creative funding avenues.  By understanding your project idea we can help find the funding or sponsors to accomplish your goals.

Budgeting.  BRCI offers project budget development to ensure all your monetary needs are met.

Grant Management.  BRCI offers ongoing administration of your grant so you can concentrate on meeting your project goals. 

Onsite Assistance.  BRCI offers full-time personnel to meet your needs: administrative; technical; and budgeting.   Our Clinical Trials Coordinator can support your ongoing project and serve as a liaison between you and BRCI administration.  Our office is located in Building 14 on campus.  OR, we will meet you at your office.