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The MIRECC provides research, education, and clinical care focusing on the treatment of the dually diagnosed veteran. The aim is to increase basic knowledge of the problems facing veterans with psychiatric disorders, and co-morbid substance abuse or dependence, to share that knowledge with other health-care providers, and to improve the overall quality of care for the specific clinical group.

Research conducted at this site includes a study of the effectiveness of naltrexone and disulfiram in the treatment of the dually diagnosed. The program also takes into account studies comparing the effectiveness of compensated work therapy and job placement in helping dually diagnosed veterans return to work. Additional studies include pathological gambling and nicotine addiction.

The MIRECC helps to coordinate the continuing education program for psychology service and supports educational offerings for clinicians working with the dually diagnosed. As part of on-going research and recruitment, MIRECC staff provides services such as treatment compliance groups and support for vocational rehabilitation programs.

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